The traditional tavern “Stratigos” in Marathona’s beach in Aegina was created in 1929 and came into operation in 1930 by Kyriakos Stratigos.

It is one of the oldest taverns of Aegina. Initially, it operated as a small traditional little tavern, with various traditional tidbits of that period, which accompanied the nice draught retsina from the wooden oak barrels that exist till now. Moreover the traditional tavern “Stratigos” has tradition and is famous for its wine.

In the past there isn’t the road which nowadays connects Aegina, Marathona and Perdika but only a path which was passing near the sea. The traditional tavern of uncle Kyriakos Stratigos was a stop for the residents of the area who were using the little donkeys for their transitions.

The years passed and the small tavern of the known as “dad Kyriakos”, of Kyriakos Stratigos became a bigger tavern known at that time for the fresh fishes, the home chickens, the vegetables from the family garden, the hot bread from the wheat that themselves cultivate and also the unique delicious recipes of his wife Evangelia, which remember till now those who had then tasted them. That period “Stratigos” was the only tavern in Marathona’s area, people went by carriage, like a little excursion, in order to swim in the beach and eat near the wave.

Uncle Kyriakos was a simple person who knew not much of a scholar. When the time of the counting the answer was “there is no counting but rashness!” This expression is a folklore factor of the area and was written of course in books relating to Aegina and its folklore. Moreover from this period has been continuing a thing that is still in effect. The tavern is the favorite place of relaxation, meeting and good food for many famous politicians, artists, journalists, and people of arts that continue to enjoy the sweet sunset dining really near the sea.

Since 1978 the tavern has been furbished and passed to the son Stelios Stratigos that remain the same, with the coziness of the tradition and the home care: the nice wine, the recipes of Mrs Evangelia which continue with the same yearning desire, and also the excellent quality of products.

The year 2000 was rewarded by the Professional Chamber of Piraeus as the oldest tavern. The prize giving became from the President of the Republic Sir Constantine Stephanopoulos and the then President of the Professional Chamber Sir Gerasimos Mazarakis.

Nowadays the restaurant “Stratigos” with big inside and a huge verandah in the sea is one of the most famous places of Aegina with the same incomparable quality! The restaurant “Stratigos” often appears through magazines, newspapers as it is a place with a special personality.

The restaurant is bordered by big interior and exterior spaces shaping suitably so as to offer warmth and coziness in the winter and cool pleasant environment during the hot summer months.

The external verandah which houses the tables for the summer period is placed exactly in the sea and the visitor of the restaurant can choose the cool shadow that the big pergola or the romantic corners near the sea after the hours of the afternoon. The restaurant has also shaped a space so as to enjoy your swimming before your food. The seabed is sandy there with a very mild shaping, while you can sunbathe in one of the loungers with a soft drink or a coffee from the nice external bar that exists there.

The inside of the restaurant is one of the biggest dining halls that exist in the island, while the big arcade that characterizes it offers a nice view in the sea. The interior spaces are air-conditioned with good ventilation. The combination of these advantages makes the spaces of the restaurant ideals for social events, marriages and baptisms.

It must be especially stressed the high quality of the ingredients for the creation of the dish of the menu, the express service and the cleanness in every point of the restaurant.

The tavern “Stratigos” remains open all the summer and Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the winter. There is also comfortable parking.